Genomic Selection - How?

Genomic selection is a technology that allows breeders to select new breeding material based on genetic potential. In this way the best offspring from a cross can be selected based on a simple DNA test instead of waiting 2-3 years for field data. The method also improves the options for selecting several traits at the same time.


In order to calculate the genetic potential for a certain trait, a (rather large) computer is scanning the genomic profiles of several breeding lines to identify patterns that are always associated with high yield. The method is illustrated in this video below:


Once the genomic patterns for high- and low values for different traits has been identified, the potential (breeding value) of any new line can be calculated based on its genomic profile. In this way the breeder can shortcut some of the slow field tests. If the new line does not have a high potential, he can choose to deselect it already at this early stage in the breeding process and focus his efforts on other lines.