Reducing climate footprints

The aim of GreenSelect is to improve forage digestibility with 10%.

This goal not only translate itself into more milk and meat, but also into reduced methane emission.


Studies have shown that one unit increase in digestible NDF (dNDF) equals 0.23 kg/d extra of 4.0% fat-corrected milk (Oba and Allen, 1999). Taking a conservative approach, we estimate that our goal of improving dNDF with 10% will result in an extra production of 0.9 kg/d/cow.



With current Danish milk prices this would mean an extra 53 € per day for a herd size of 200 cattle = 52 M € per year for all Danish dairy production.


At the same time such an improvement will reduce methane emission with at least 10%

Studies have shown that 1% increase in In vitro organic matter digestibility reduced methane emission with 1.5% (Boadi and Wittenberg, 2002)


Assuming that a GreenSelect forage grass will be fed to 80% of the Danish herds the reduction in methane emission will amount to 16.000 tons annually. Since methane is 24 times more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 the reduction equals 336,000 tons CO2.