Reducing N-leaching


The aim of GreenSelect is to improve nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) with 10%.

These goals not only translate into saved money but also reduced leaching of nitrogen.



There are a little more than 0.5 M ha of pastures in Denmark, which is used either in a rotation system or as permanent grassland. Typically, permanent grasslands consists or grass-clover mixtures whereas pastures in rotation are pure grass stands. For the latter type of crop, farmers can apply 230-242 kg N/ha, depending upon soil type, whereas for the former type, they can only apply 63 kg N/ha.


Multiplied by area a 10% reduction in N fertilization will amount to 2,800 tons saved N.



Besides this reduction in N-leaching there will also be a reduction in NH3 atmospheric deposition which amounts to 3,0000 tons N.