Selecting the best turf

Turf is not just green grass - it's an ornamental, which is useful for a wide array of applications: Amenity, landscaping, sport, relaxation, garden art, soil remediation, soil immobilization, - you name it. Each of these applications sets their own criteria for what traits are important. Beside these applications, most turf grasses are confronted both with stress, diseases, and in some areas also insect attacks.

How to account for all these things in one superior variety? It is definitely not easy and it has taken many years to get as far as we are today. Breeding is still making progress and in DLF we have started using genomic selection to advance developments even quicker.

We are able to do so because reading the turf DNA profile has become affordable enough to support our breeding activities. By genomic selection, we can select new turf lines for important traits immediately after germination. That saves time and allow us to look at several important traits at a very early stage.